Personal Loan

A loan for every possibility

wedding, home renovation, travel purposes and more.

Fiofin Digital Personal loan

Fiofin Digital Personal loans are an unsecured form of credit that is popular to meet immediate requirements. It is multi-purpose in nature and therefore can be used for various purposes including wedding, home renovation, travel purposes and more. Moreover, there is no restriction for the amount borrowed and can be used for any purpose they want. In fact, a personal loan can help you build your credit faster when compared with other forms of credit. This is because of the risk it carries due to being unsecured.

Whether you want to pay off your debts, purchase your dream vehicle or even sponsor your child’s marriage or higher education, a personal loan is a great credit instrument that helps you meet with your financial requirements for various purposes.

Applying for a digital personal loan at Fiofin is a quick and an easy experience, and more importantly, it’s pure online process. Choose from our scope of personal loans that offers the best interest rates with simplicity and flexibility. Our competent team ensures that you have a stress-free and peaceful loan application and disbursal process.

Types of Personal Loans

Fiofin Digital Personal loans are an unsecured form of credit that is popular to meet immediate requirements.

Marriage Loan

A Marriage Loan from Fiofin promises you quick cash in your time of need and ensures that your wedding costs are well covered. It is flexible enough to incorporate your various needs and that of your family. From jewellery to clothing, from decoration to catering, Fiofin Digital Personal Loan looks after all your requirements and provides for all types of wedding expenses.

Home Renovation Loan

From refurbishing to redecorating the existing spaces, transforming your house into the ideal home for you and your family is a good idea. If your finances are keeping you from renovating your home, a personal loan for Home Renovation from Fiofin is just the right option for you. This personal loan is taken for making changes to your home as per your needs.

Travel & Holiday Loan

Travel loans help you finance your trip and enjoy your vacation. Whether it is a solo trip or one with friends and family, you can budget everything from your stay, to transport to flight tickets and also your travel insurance.

Medical Emergency Loan

Unexpected events in life sometimes make us end up in hospitals with pile medical bills. Medical emergencies crop up any time and require a substantial amount of money, get a personal loan from Fiofin for all medical expences.

Credit Card Refinancing Loan

Transfer your high cost credit card and reduce your burden. Fiofin provide debt consolidation loan that you can consolidate your credit card outstanding and also can avail additional loan needs

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Applying for a digital personal loan at Fiofin is a quick and an easy experience, and more importantly, it’s pure online process.

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Features of Fiofin Digital Personal Loan

Hassle Free Application Process

Applying for personal loan at Fiofin will be an quick and easy experience, no need to visit any office, just fill the online application form and upload the required documents, and wait for amount to credit in your bank account in few hours.

No Collateral Required

There is no any kind of collateral or guarantor required to avail personal loan form Fiofin, it is 100% unsecured loan.

No Company Categorization

we will fund for working people of all kind of companies including proprietorship, partnership, LLP, trust i.e.

New to Credit (-1 Cibil)

If your are taking loan for the first time, no need to worry we will help you to get loan.

Loan for all needs

you can use the personal loan for multipurpose, various needs i.e. marriage, education, medical emergency, travel, home renovation, credit card refinancing etc.

Flexible terms

Fiofin offers personal loan at attractive interest rates and minimal documentation, with flexible tenure from 12 to 60 months

Quick Turnaround time

Get Fiofin Digital personal loan in 24 business hours.


Fiofin Digital Personal Loan Interest Rate:

  • Your interest rate will be calculated and finalized on your income, CIBIL score, and other factors like employer, your age etc.
  • Based on few points from the data collected from third party and the information provided by you in the application form, Fiofin Credit algorithm will dynamically fix an interest rate that suits your needs.
  • The interest starts from 11.25%. and ends up to 31.99%

Processing Fee:

  • A processing fee is fixed amount charged for processing the application
  • This amount includes the miscellaneous items such as documentation, appraisals, credit history required by the lender for underwriting process.
  • The processing fee for different banks starts from as low as 2.5% to 4%.

Example: A loan amount of 500000 for a tenure of 60 months at an APR of 14% and a processing fee of 2.5%

Loan Amount 500000
Tenure 60 Months
Int. Rate 14%
Pro. Fee 2.5%
EMI 11634
Net Amount Credit 487500
Total Payable Amount 698040
Total Interest Payable 198040

Elegibility and Documents Required for Fiofin Digital Personal Loan

To be eligible for Fiofin Digital Personal Loan
  • Should be getting salary in bank a/c
  • Age: 21 Years to 58 Years
  • Min Monthly Income: Rs.15000
  • Working with present company for min 3 months
  • Total Work experience of 1 Year
Documents Required
  • PAN Card
  • Current address proof
  • Photo
  • Latest 3 Months Salary Slip
  • Latest 4 Months Salary Bank Statement
  • Cheque from Salary Bank Account